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Welcome to Paradise Country

  • Paradise Country Green Initiatives involves planting a wide range of Plants, Shrubs and Trees that not only add aesthetic value but also preserve the surroundings in specific ways.

    Plants that reduce soil erosion, specific insect repelling Cactii, low Maintenance and High Cover creating Neem & Rain Trees. Extensive Gulmohar, Palm and Papaya trees flourish within our natural surroundings.

    Paradise Country also boasts of planting over 5 different types of Bamboo including the rare Bamboo used for over 500 years to create Bamboo flutes, the Buddha Belly Bamboo, The Natural Golden Bamboo, and Rural High Growth Bamboo et al.

  • Local Communities are important for the growth and development of the region. Where ever possible Paradise Country is committed to providing employment and training within the local community. Several of our staff and assistants are trained locals now working in several areas of our Mountain Resort. With several NGO Group tie-ups, Paradise Country, Panshet provides Clothing-donation camps to the local village youth and elders alike.

  • With over 5000 satisfied customers served, read what some of our guests have to say about their experience

  • Nestled in the beautiful Shayadri Mountain ranges with abundant natural surroundings, within an hour's drive from the bustling city of Pune, Paradise Country offers an escape for work or pleasure.

  • With 4 distinct concept styles of residences, guests can explore a truly unique experience. With a balance of modern facilities and indigenous living options will leave you relaxed and help you unwind, naturally!

  • With Panshet and Varasgoan Backwaters within walking distance, you can enjoy energizing water sports or a nature walk by the water. Enjoy the regional natural beauty with a hike or a casual stroll within the property.

  • Paradise Country, Panshet. Unwind, Naturally!